Phoenix, Arizona


Our History

A site for a new Methodist Church was a vision in 1948.  After a search of a number of sites, finally, one was available.  Five acres, our present location, was purchased for the bargain price of $7500.  A sign was erected the new church planning began. The first congregational meeting was held February 4, 1951, 65 years ago.   A school auditorium was the first home then in July 1951 a borrowed barracks building was hauled in for temporary use. The first Sunday worship service was August 5, 1951 attended by soon to be members, visitors and a million flies (at that time there was no a/c or coolers or screens.)

The hard work had begun, the people filled with Spirit and determination set about building their church. The first worship service, in a partially completed structure, was December 18, 1951. The building, now our fellowship hall, was consecrated January 6, 1952.

As Phoenix grew so did the church and the growth required more facility; classrooms, fellowship facilities, office space and finally a sanctuary were soon to follow completing the complex that we have today.

Young families, many youth and children experienced worship, education experience, fellowship and extensive mission into the community and world through Aldersgate. But the young got older and they went off to school, new horizons including the suburbs and beyond.  The church community got older and also has experienced change over the years. These changes resulted in a membership decline. Aldersgate became a part of a co-op ministry with two other congregations for three years.  But they missed their church and strongly felt the need to be back in their home church.  They returned November of 2015.

That “pioneer spirit” of those 65 years ago, who worked endlessly to start Aldersgate, is alive today.  We are at a unique place in our history; it is both exciting and yet a precarious place for us.  Our membership is small and an older group. If you want to be inspired, come and see what the mighty older few can do.  We have launched The New Aldersgate with “spirit” and a cheer “yes we can!”  We are excited about discovering what Jesus is calling us to do in ministry in this ever changing community that we call home.   We are praying and seeking new directions for ministry to our community as “The New Aldersgate.”  Where will the Lord lead us?  Join us and let us discover it together.

Take a look at our history written by one of our charter members, Phyllis Soberg.